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Frankies Catering is dedicated to providing all of your catering needs and are ready to make your party a hit. From ketchup to buns we supply everything your event needs. We bring our own cooking equipment, garbage bags, forks, knives, napkins, plates, etc. We are excited to offer additional desserts such as cakes, cookies, and pastries. No matter how big or small the Frankies Family can carry out all of your picnicing and party needs. Take the stress out of your day and call Frankies Catering; we won't burn your buns!

Parties 15-125 people
Set-up fee $30-$150
Catering based on 3 hour events


foot long Hot Dogs


$6.95 +tax per person

Additional Menu Items

tacos chicken or beef

hard tacos

elephant ears



1.25 each per person

Fried Items

French Fries $1.50 per person

Season Fries $1.50 per person


Soda $1.25 per person

Please Call For Special Pricing on Parties Over 125 People

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